She obliterates enemies by destabilizing matter itself. Death’s crimson maiden sharpens her talons. Garuda weaponizes the blood of her foes to deal excessive damage. Sanguine magnificence enhances her lethal power.

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The Venomess is a deadly spy from the Maze, and her poisons have modified the course of history. But the Gloom has swallowed both the Maze and the Empire, and her secret war is over. Ven’s a survivor, and for now the Seekers are the only game on the town. mídia digital ps4 Deals huge injury to enemies in a big radius round Kyros.

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Valkyr was modified right into a extremely motivated and fearsome killer. She is adept at dealing injury and surviving. Her battle cry strikes terror into all who hear it. Psychic attacks make Nyx a harmful foe. She reaches into enemy consciousness to offer crowd control and switch their assaults again on them. Such manipulation can flip the tide of battle.

The mercurial firemonger protects the harmless. Nezha’s multifaceted ways give him high survivability as he inflicts damage and supplies crowd management. His hearth is the clarion of hope. Master the rift between shadow and substance. Limbo disrupts time-space to supply crowd management.

Zephyr’s cyclonic abilities protect her, deal excessive injury, and provide crowd management. She swoops in from above and leaves a path of destruction. Nidus attracts strength from the Infestation. It bolsters him with survivability as he offers high damage and provides crowd control. Launch a bomb that absorbs up to 5 close by Poison Clouds.

After a brief delay, the bomb explodes, dealing damage to enemies and therapeutic allies based mostly on the number of Poison Clouds absorbed. Shoot a volley of poison needles that lock-on to nearby enemies, dealing harm. Hitting an enemy with a needle causes a healing projectile to seek a close-by Wayfinder. These projectiles heal over time primarily based on the variety of stacks of Venom on the source enemy. Titania’s fairy-like appearance belies her formidable regal energy. The enchantress deals high injury and provides crowd management.

Her enemies reside in concern of her sudden attacks. The heir of twin kingdoms ascends. Biological and Sentient life meet in Caliban. An adept monarch, he offers crowd control and survivability.

He is at home where others wrestle with what is real. The serpents of Lavos encourage him as he transmutes the battlefield. He makes use of Toxin, Cold, Electricity, and Heat to deal elemental injury. Harness the power of the dark alchemist. Hydroid summons the facility of the ocean depths.

Infused with the essence of the Eidolon, Revenant has robust survivability and deals excessive damage. The gunslinger has a gentle deadly hand. Mesa is the quickest draw in the realm. Rakes the bottom with violent energy, dealing injury to all enemies in entrance of Kyros. Arcane Fragments can be consumed to cast Savage Rake without charge. After a brief delay a Gloom clone will sprint from your initial position to you, dealing harm to enemies.

Kullervo answers for his sins and the sins of others. His daggers and melee prowess deal high injury. Seize the facility of treachery to slake his thirst for revenge. Annihilate enemies with the conductivity of coils and transmitters.